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This Term of Use presents the "General Conditions" applicable to the use of the services of, offered by Controlog Sistemas Ltda - ME (Fantasy name: Controlog Sistemas), registered with the CNPJ under No. 22.692.964/0001-80, with headquarters in Brasília-DF.

By accessing or any of its pages, you accept its terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree to any of these terms, do not use the site. The Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement.

Controlog Sistemas, responsible for the website, hereinafter called "Controlog", and the concordant of the present term, hereinafter referred to as "User", and which will be identified before the site through Login and Password created and informed by the own at the time of registering on the site, enter into the agreement provided by the following terms:

The services that are the object of these General Terms and Conditions of Use consist of offering to the "User" a tool that will assist in the control of their collections and deliveries, keeping data available online through the internet for the exclusive use of the "User". We reserve the right to modify, add or delete features, services or layout of "Controlog" for any reason, without notice and without any liability to the "User", any other member or third parties.

CLAUSE 1. "User" Registration - "Controlog" services are only available to people who have the legal capacity to hire them. They may not be used by persons who do not have this capacity, including minors, or persons who have been temporarily or permanently disabled in the "Controlog".

Paragraph 1. The same Juridical Person shall not be allowed to have more than one register. If the "Controlog" detects duplicate registrations, through the data verification system, you can permanently inactivate all the registrations of that company.

Paragraph 2. The services offered are exclusive to Legal Entities, who must register through their legal representative.

Paragraph 3. You must provide true, accurate, and complete information when you register as a "User" of "Controlog". As part of the registration process, the "User" will be asked to provide a valid email and password. The "User" will be responsible for any activity performed under your login and for keeping your password safe. We may refuse to grant you a Login that corresponds to the name of another person, who is or may be protected by trademark or by law of proprietary rights, or who is considered vulgar, offensive or inappropriate, according to our criteria.

Paragraph 4. The use of the "Controlog" service is forbidden for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. You are solely responsible for your conduct.

CLAUSE 2. The site offers the service of control of collections and deliveries made by delivery agents, in addition to support via the Call System to clarify operational doubts of the site "Controlog".

Paragraph 1. "Controlog" and all that it refers to, such as Site, Pages, Images, Copyright and others, belong exclusively to Controlog Sistemas.

Paragraph 2. The "User" acknowledges that it has no exclusivity in the use of "Controlog".

CLAUSE 3. All communication via the World Wide Web is subject to interruptions or delays, and may prevent or impair access to the "Controlog" website. The "User" declares to have knowledge and accept the possibility mentioned above, and in case this happens, will not be entitled to any indemnity or refund, due to the time that the site was inoperative.

CLAUSE 4. It is the sole responsibility of the "User" to provide and maintain the necessary and compatible equipment and programs as well as the Internet connection to access the site, so that you can enjoy the services of "Controlog".

CLAUSE 5. The "Controlog" disclaims any liability arising from misuse of the system, as well as misconceptions of wrong entries entered into the system by the "User" itself.

CLAUSE 6. "Controlog" uses the highest technology available on the market to provide security and protection for your data. The hosting of the site and database are made by Locaweb, national reference in this activity. Our commitment is to do everything possible to give security to your data.

Paragraph 1. The backup policy complies with Locaweb standards and aims to guarantee the data in the event of any catastrophe. This backup will be used only for emergencies, and the "User" will not be able to request the restoration of your data at any time.

Paragraph 2. "Controlog" will not sell or share your personal or financial information with third parties. Only through your express authorization or through a judicial request can this information be disclosed. However, "Controlog" is hereby authorized to have access to the "User" data, to support, analyze, verify and solve any problems.

CLAUSE 7. "Controlog" allows free use of the system up to the number of delivery units defined in the access plans, which may change at any time without notice. From this number, the user must hire one of the available plans and in this case it is necessary to make the payment monthly fees, according to the chosen plan.

Paragraph 1. The restrictions and/or limitations of system features are compatible with the contracted plans and will be defined solely and exclusively by "Controlog", in its sole discretion, without the need for notice to users.

Paragraph 2. The "User" that uses the Free Plan of the "Controlog" and stay for more than 90 days without logging in to the system, will have their registration and all their data permanently deleted.

CLAUSE 8. "Controlog" may use any form of advertising existing within the site or in its e-mails, without generating any right or remuneration to the "User".

Paragraph 1. The "User" authorizes the receipt of e-mails from "Controlog" and any other product linked to the company Leve Já Logística, without this generating any right or remuneration to the "User".

CLAUSE 9. This contract has an indefinite term and may be denounced by any of the parties unilaterally. If it is the "Controlog", to do so, it must notify the "User" 30 days in advance, through your e-mail registered in the system. If the "User" is the author of the contract denunciation, it must communicate the "Controlog" through the Call System, and in this case, in no case will there be a refund of amounts already paid to the "User", since the service was provided and is available for your use.

CLAUSE 10. The parties elect the forum of the district of Brasília-DF to resolve any doubts arising from the application of this instrument, expressly renouncing any other, however extraordinary.

Brasília, DF, April 12, 2015.